I. Preface

In Celebration of 100th Anniversary

Thanks to all of our customers and partners, GC Corporation could mark a major milestone of its 100th anniversary on February 11, 2021. We all are grateful from the bottom of our hearts as we could never have come this far without your warm loyal support.

Dental care is expected to make further contribution to improving people's oral health as medical services that support people's vitality and well-being. Under the spirit of SEMUI, our corporate philosophy, we will continue to do our utmost to create a dental world full of possibilities.

FDI Workshop
FDI Workshop 1&2 Jun. 2018, in Lucerne Oral Health for an Ageing Population Conference

Global Citizens’ Era of 100-year Life

As the era of 100-year life has arrived, we are required to prevent oral frailty and respond to other diversifying needs. To meet these goals, GC established a foundation aimed at promoting academic research and clinical study. Meanwhile, in collaboration with FDI and other public institutions across the world, GC is implementing a variety of activities in an effort to realize a healthy long-life society by improving oral health of people around the world through its contribution to improving global dental care.

Oral Health: Major Key to Extending Healthy Life-span

It has recently been growing more evident that maintaining healthy teeth and good oral health is directly connected to improving people’s QOL (Quality of Life). As a number of scientific evidences have highlighted that, in particular, periodontal diseases create an adverse impact on systemic illnesses such as diabetes, while chronic Inflammation worsens periodontal diseases, aggravation of oral environment has increasingly been known to affect not only such functional aspects as eating, speaking and swallowing, but also diverse systemic illnesses including diabetes and pneumonia. Maintaining good oral health is the major key to extending healthy longevity amid such circumstances, and society is seeking dental care to support people's QOL in “eating and speaking” more than ever.

Global Patient Survey - Expectations and Visions

Importance of Synergy in Activities between Professionals (Dental Care Practitioners) and Individuals (Patients)

In the field of dentistry, professionals correspond to dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians,

while individuals mean patients. Surveys have indicated that end-users are willing to use or try any new methods to improve their oral health, namely self-care at home and dentist’s evaluation of daily self-care, etc. Since it has also been revealed that patients recognize dentists as their most reliable source of information and consultant when it comes to their oral health, dentists are considered to be able to give their patients positive influence and bring about favorable educational effects.

To Become Company Indispensable to 5 Stakeholders

We believe becoming company indispensable to our five stakeholders, namely end-users, customers, partners (dealers and suppliers), NAKAMA-GC Associates / shareholders and local communities equals becoming the leading dental company of the world.