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GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes NF

Product Information

With GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes NF, you no longer need complex layering or extra firing cycles to obtain an unsurpassed vitality and a natural glaze for all your restorations.

The steps to complete your crown and bridgework remain identical, regardless of the technique you use to create ceramic-based restorations.

Do you need to change the colour, the brightness, the grey value or the surface gloss of your layered crowns and bridges? Looking for a way to add extra vitality to your CAD/CAM produced monolithics? Do you prefer to press your ceramics and then paint the characteristics at a later stage?

Lustre Pastes NF is the solution in any case.

Why choose GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes NF?

  • Just one kit compatible with the complete GC Initial ceramic range (CTE - Range between 6,9 and 13,3)
  • Available in a ready to use jars for a more convenient application
  • Diluting and Refresh liquids to keep the optimal consistency until the end
  • Improved pastes with a finer thixotropic property for easy and precise application
  • 2 additional colours available: Olive, for greenish effects and Value to modify the brightness

SKU Information

Item Number Description
877078 Lustre Paste NF Set