Vision 2021

The vision today, as it has been from the beginning, is to become the world's leading oral healthcare company and all aspects of business operations are geared towards reaching this ultimate goal. The inspiration for this vision is entrenched in the scientifically proven concept that oral health is linked directly to general health. Therefore GC's role in improving oral health forms part of a larger agenda that promotes global wellbeing and quality of life. GC regards the 21st Century as the Century of Health, and hopes to make significant progress in this domain by the company's 100th anniversary in 2021.

In practical support of this, GC opened an international office in Lucerne, Switzerland, in September 2013. GC International AG, as an integrated company of GC AMERICAGC EUROPE, and GC ASIA, will promote new products development in global scale and multi-national business operation including logistics focusing on each market and region.


MI Dentistry

Tied to this approach is the concept of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, which GC has championed in the dental industry through sustained support of academic research and product development. Through several communication channels GC has informed, advised and connected with the global dental professional community on subjects relating to MID, evolving the concept to encompass all areas of dentistry not only prevention. GC will continue to support and develop MID through strategic initiatives around the world, harnessing modern technology and social media to communicate to diverse audiences.

Firmly rooted in its historic values, GC is building on the future by focusing on the following areas: implants, CAD CAM and orthodontics.