VPES silicone for checking accuracy


Fit Checker Advanced & Fit Checker Advanced Blue are Vinyl Polyether materials for checking pressure spots and the fit accuracy of prosthetic works.
Thanks to their very thin consistency, sharp setting time and hydrophilicity, both materials are very convenient to use and offer an accurate identification of misfits of prosthetic works of all kinds.
The choice between 2 transparent, well contrasting colours allows an easy evaluation of any type of prosthesis: blue, for aesthetic restorations such as ceramic based crowns & bridges and for occlusal checking; white, for metal based restorations and dentures.

Fit Checker Advanced Blue has the ideal blue colour gradation for fit checking of all kinds of prosthetic works, especially resin, ceramic and zirconia-based crowns and bridges as well as bite registration and evaluation of occlusal contacts.

Fit Checker Advanced has the ideal white colour gradation for fit checking of all kinds of prosthetic works, especially complete and partial dentures and metal-based crowns and bridges.

Fit Checker Advanced & Fit Checker Advanced Blue offer

  • Thixotropic consistency with easy flow under pressure
  • Minimal film thickness for a precise seat of the restoration
  • Visible colour gradation for easy identification of misfits
  • Increased hardness to allow smooth and easy trimming with bur
  • High tear resistance for easy removal

Fit Checker Advanced specific features

  • White colour for checking the fit of metal based restorations and dentures
  • Available in handmix and automix cartridge

Fit Checker Advanced Blue specific features

  • Transparent blue colour allows an analysis of the occlusal situation, even under 100 µm thickness
  • Available in automix cartridge for precise and optimized application
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