Vision 2031


GC’s company philosophy of SEMUI, the practice of acting from the standpoint of others, was first introduced by Kiyoshi Nakao, one of the founders of GC. Based on this teaching, GC acts as a group of NAKAMA (associates) who respect each other, regardless of which department they belong to, and encourages thinking from the customer’s perspective in order to develop innovative products that highly prioritize value creation for the customer.

The word SEMUI comes from the teachings of Kwannon Bodhisattva, a revered figure in Hokekyo Buddhism. Put simply, SEMUI is an umbrella term that combines selflessness, pure objectivity, charity and wisdom.

“True products are made for the good of others, not for your own sake.”

Kiyoshi Nakao

Management Principles

  1.  To contribute to global society through the improvement of oral health.
  2.  To improve corporate quality and meet stakeholders’ trust and expectations.
  3.  To create a team of GC Associates full of energy and respect.


Vision 2031

Our goal is not only to be number 1 in sales volume, but also to become an “incomparable” company for all the stakeholders of GC.



GC regards the 21st century as the “Century of Health” and aims to be a comprehensive global dental care manufacturer that supports global wellbeing and quality of life.

Oral health is directly connected to the improvement of people’s quality of life, and it must play a greater role as a “medical service that supports the life force of people”. In response to societal changes worldwide such as aging society and increased health consciousness, GC is determined to contribute to the realization of the "Century of Health" through the creation of a "healthy long-living society".

In 2011, the 90th anniversary of our founding, we established the GC Corporate Center in Hongo, Tokyo, relocating our head office functions and creating a floor for sharing information with our customers. We aim to create new value by using the center as a base for disseminating useful dental health information and as a place for communication with everyone involved in all aspects of dental care.