Dual-cure composite for core build-up & post cementation


Rock solid at all depths!

A strong core is a necessity to achieve a long-lasting restoration. Achieving such a strong core requires a resistant material. The application should be straightforward so no room for mistakes is left and a reliable result can be obtained, time after time. Discover GRADIA CORE, a dual-cure radiopaque composite for post luting & core build-up that combines excellent mechanical resistance and handling like no other. Its unique thixotropy makes it an ideal material for two different indications: post luting and core build up.

GRADIA CORE partnered with your preferred G-Premio BOND and dual cure activator (DCA) ensure convenience and performance - at every step. The DCA allows an efficient curing even in self-cure mode, whether used in bulk-fill method or at the deepest point of the root canal for post luting.

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  • Core build-up
  • Post cementation
  • Post cementation and core build-up in one thixotropic material
    • Under the pressure in the root canal, GRADIA CORE becomes very fluid. However, during the build-up procedure, it keeps its shape
    • GRADIA CORE cuts just like dentine, making it easier for you to shape it with a bur, and ensures smooth transitions and clean, precise margins
  • Ensure superior bond strength with G-Premio BOND & DCA, no matter the curing mode
    • G-Premio BOND, your universal bonding system, can now be used in combination with DCA for luting & building core with GRADIA CORE for the same ease of use
    • With its dual-cure activator (DCA), the bonding is properly cured, even at the deepest point of the root canal
    • Even in self-cure mode, GRADIA CORE is efficiently cured. It can be used in a bulk-fill method, without depth limitations
  • Strong and solid base for long lasting indirect restorations
    • GRADIA CORE is a solid base for long-lasting indirect restorations, with excellent mechanical properties, regardless of the curing mode
    • GRADIA CORE is sufficiently radiopaque for easy clinical evaluation. The elastic modulus is close to dentine to avoid stress build-up.
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