Initial Ceramics

Ceramic system to master all your challenges


GC Initial represents a paradigm shift in ceramic systems as it consists of eight ceramics in one integrated product line and colour line, which can create metal-ceramic restorations all the way to full-ceramic. No longer do you have to spend valuable time learning to use a myriad of different ceramics, from an array of manufacturers, to create the variety of restorations which may be needed.

Each GC Initial ceramic is adapted to meet the needs of its particular fabrication process and framework such as for example, its coefficient of thermal expansion (or CTE). In addition, all the shades across the entire system have been carefully harmonised. This means the aesthetics of each restoration are also in perfect harmony whatever the type created or the process used.

With the GC Initial system you can choose one, more or every ceramic in the line. Begin with one or a few ceramics and you can move on to the others at any time without having to learn new working methods. Given its flexibility GC Initial is the perfect choice for the laboratories of today and for what they might become in the future - specialists in metal-ceramic restorations, especially if thinking of creating full ceramics, specialists in full-ceramic restorations and those who make all types of restorations.

With the Initial range of ceramics GC enables you to master all your aesthetic prosthetic challenges. When you are looking for a ceramic that can meet the requirements for a productivity lab, or when you are looking for a ceramic that offers the highest levels of flexibility, or when you are looking for a ceramic that offers you unlimited possibilities for individualization... look no further than Initial from GC. Because regardless of your challenges, with Initial from GC you will be able to come up with a solution for every prosthetic restoration, regardless of the type of framework, build-up procedure or economic aspect.

When you want to work in a very fast economic way we offer you the Initial IQ One or Initial Classic lines. But with the same ceramic you can create masterpieces with unlimited possibilities by working according to the life-like layering schemes of the Initial Expert line. Switching to Initial means you do not need to switch anymore between brands or types of ceramic. That is why the GC Initial range of ceramics can probably be called one of the most versatile systems adapted to the needs of today’s modern dental laboratories. With Initial from GC - each and every dental technician will be a master of his challenges.

  • GC Initial MC for metal alloy frameworks
  • GC Initial Zr-FS for zirconium oxide frameworks
  • GC Initial LiSi for Lithiumdisilicate frameworks
  • GC Lustre Pastes NF unique 3-dimensional paintable ceramic
  • GC Initial Ti for titanium frameworks
  • GC Initial LF low-fusing ceramic for metal alloy frameworks
  • GC Initial IQ build-up or press ceramic

GC Initial MC

  • highly aesthetic feldspar based ceramic for metal alloys with a normal expanding CTE whether containing silver, a high or reduced gold content or palladium. Also for NPA (Non-precious Alloy) and electroforming copings. Use the sintering technique to create inlays, onlays and veneers on refractory dies

GC Initial Zr-FS

  • for use on the high strength zirconium oxide framework, which is ideal for the fabrication of delicate substructures such as bridges

GC Initial LiSi

  • specialized feldspar-based veneering ceramic for lithium disilicate

GC Initial Lustre Pastes NF

  • unique 3-dimensional paintable ceramic compatible with all conventional ceramics (CTE –between 6,9 and 13,3)

GC Initial Ti

  • for creating restorations on titanium frameworks which are highly aesthetic and biocompatible

GC Initial LF

  • for low temperature firing on alloys with a CTE compatible with those for GC Initial MC. Use to correct restorations made with GC Initial MC or as a build-up material on GC Initial PC copings

GC Initial IQ

  • one body build-up or press ceramic that allows full concentration on function and form. The aesthetics are added in the final stage by means of the 3D effect Lustre Pastes NF
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