Type 4 model base stone


BASE STONE is a dedicated type 4 dental stone for basing dentate arches and opposing models.
Due to its adaptable viscosity, BASE STONE can be used in a thin fluid or thixotropic consistency without change in physical properties.

Together with Fujirock EP Classic and Premium, you can create shade combinations that form the foundation of your aesthetics.

BASE STONE is the perfect choice for a wide range of indications such as basing dentate arches, opposing model, study model etc.
The two colours Terracotta Red and Royal Blue meet the requirements for individualized and aesthetic construction of master models.

  • One powder offering different viscosities without changing physical properties
  • Low expansion and perfect match with GC Fujirock EP Classic and Premium
  • Short mixing and setting time
  • High fluidity for basing arches without air bubbles
  • Optimal thixotropic properties for opposing models
  • Short removal time, from impression materials (after 30 min)
Instructions For Use
Safety Data Sheets
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