GC in Europe

GC EUROPE is the European subsidiary of GC Corporation.


For over 25 years, we have been recognised by both dentists and dental technicians alike as a provider of consistently high quality products that are easy to handle, as well as being capable of delivering the highest service standards to our customers. Our dedication to dentistry continually results in product development that provides value to our customers. We lead the way in glass ionomer technology and are well known for more than 20 years of expertise and progress in the field of gypsum products as well as impression and investment materials. In recent years we have added further strategic fields to our portfolio, in the form of innovative systems and products in Aesthetic Dentistry and Minimum Intervention.



Our goal is very clear - as an innovative company encompassing both tradition and experience, we are dedicated to setting further milestones in dentistry. In our aim to achieve this goal, our primary concern is not simply technical product safety; we are also focused on the safety of people and oral health in particular, naturally always combined with the latest scientific knowledge. It is for this reason that GC EUROPE has provided long-standing support for the renowned Faculty of Dentistry at Leuven University (Belgium), as well as many other centres of excellence.

Through the Toshio Nakao Chair, we promote research into the adhesion of all dental materials. Our objective in this regard is to obtain a better understanding of how dentine and enamel adhesion works and successfully apply this knowledge to the development of innovative products. Following the groundbreaking bonding system GC G-Bond for GC Gradia Direct, this range has been extended by our research department with a number of exciting and well-tested product additions, including flowables or self-adhesive luting cements.



Through intensive cooperation and continual dialogue with dentists and technicians, we are in a position to recognise trends and identify needs and product requirements at very early stages. For example, a medical approach to caries management is quickly becoming an essential aspect of modern dental practice. For this reason, together with a group of professionals, we have introduced the pioneering concept of Minimum Intervention. The principles of MI are simple: to IDENTIFY and assess any potential caries risk factors at the earliest stage possible and to eliminate or minimise them to PREVENT caries occurring. If surgical repair is required, our aim is to ensure the maximum amount of tooth structure is conserved whilst bioactive materials are used to RESTORE the tooth. The first products relating to this programme are GC Tooth Mousse and GC Saliva-Check Buffer and our aim is to continue to provide additional products for simple but profound saliva diagnosis and impressive caries protection in the form of GC MI Paste Plus and GC Plaque Indicator Kit. Minimum Intervention by GC: a vision of caries management designed for the 21st century.



At GC EUROPE, we respond to the diverse regional markets by ensuring we operate branches throughout the major European countries and provide strong support teams that are local experts in the dental trade. Europe-wide networking and a central database ensure that all our products can be delivered in an efficient manner and are consistently available through our partners. In addition, GC EUROPE is proud to announce that we have been granted the EFQM “Recognized for Excellence” award. This represents another step towards our commitment to improving both our performance and services. After all, the concepts of tradition and innovation apply just as much to our products as they do to the services that we provide to you.



1972 • European branch opened in Kortrijk, Belgium.
1976 • GC Fujirock superhard stone developed.
1983 • Makoto Nakao appointed president.
1984 • Opening of office and warehouse in Leuven.
1989 • Opening of factory 1, production facilities for GC Vest.
1992 • Start to manufacture Fujivest.
1994 • Opening of training facilities and factory 2 with start of manufacturing Aroma Fine.

• GC Corporation acquires ISO9001 certification as dental industryʼs first company.

• GC EUROPE acquires ISO9002.
1996 • Opening factory 3, production facilities for GC Fujirock EP.

• Launch of GC Fujivest Super, GCEʼs first own development.

• Opening distribution warehouse.
1998 • ISO14001 certification acquired.
2002 • Opening new Logistics Centre.
2006 • GC EUROPE received the EFQM seal of quality “Committed to Excellence”.
2008 • Opening of GC EUROPE Campus Meeting and Education Centre.

• Opening GC Tech.Europe - Start up of CAD/CAM centre.

• GC EUROPE received the EFQM seal of quality “Recognized for Excellence”.
2010 • GC EUROPE receives the EFQM Recognized for Excellence 5 star Award.
2011 • Opening of the expansion of the Logistics Centre.

• GC EUROPE is awarded the Benelux Excellence Award.
2013 • Opening of the new Administrative Building.

• GC EUROPE - finalist EFQM European Excellence Award 2013.
2016 • Prize Winner of the EFQM European Excellence Award.