Leucite reinforced glass ceramic CAD/CAM block


GC is proud to extend its CAD/CAM consumable portfolio with Initial LRF, a leucite-reinforced feldspar CAD/CAM block in five high and low translucency V-shades for full-contour, all-ceramic indirect restorations.

The blocks offer a nature analogue light dynamic with a perfectly balanced translucency, fluorescence and opalescent character.

Fast and easy handling: just mill, polish and cement.

Fabrication of full contour all ceramic indirect restorations:

  • Single anterior and posterior crowns - partial and full
  • Inlay
  • Onlay
  • Veneers
  • Endo crowns on molars
  • High density - less risk of chipping
  • Extremely smooth surface after milling
  • No firing necessary to get outstanding physical properties
  • Easy polishing with conventional manual and mechanical tools
  • Chameleon effect for optimal colour integration
  • Dedicated Glaze Paste for ceramic firing
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