As a general manufacturer of dental care products, GC EUROPE is in the business of protecting peopleʼs health. Our primary mission is to develop products that not only surpass the world standard in terms of quality, but which also protect the global environment.

We monitor each stage of a productʼs life and test for safety and for the impact of our products on resources and the environment.

We screen the production process to ensure that we do not waste energy, conserve resources and minimize packaging waste.

We examine the use of our products to ensure the same targets, and we examine disposal methods for our products.

Naturally, GC EUROPE seeks to minimize any adverse effects, from the time each product is developed until its use by the consumer.

GC EUROPE works under ISO 13485 and has a CE Production Quality Assurance and a registered ISO14001 environmental management system as well as an ISO 45001 certified Health and Safety Management System, all certified by the British Standard Institute (BSI).

In 2019, GC EUROPE NV received the highest recognition from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), the EFQM Global Excellence Award; another example of our constant dedication to excellence.