Preferred Milling Partners

A Preferred Milling Partner is a milling centre with coordinated processes for GC Aadva implant related works and other GC based prosthetic works. As a customer you will benefit from:

  • high-precision restorations with an excellent surface quality
  • high quality standards: materials and restorations are scientifically tested
  • coordinated products and systems to finalize the restorations

We have established a cooperation with following licence partners:

3d openminds logo

3D Openminds BV - Belgium

Adres: Tuindijk 47 B, 2223 Schriek, Belgium

Contact: Production 3D Openminds ( Tel. 0032 (0)470516272

Proscan BV - Belgium

Adres: Eikenenweg 71, 3520 Zonhoven, Belgium

Contact: Cadcam Gert Mullens ( 0032 478348423 / Karen Mullens ( 0032 498162396

Supra Solutions BV - The Netherlands

Adres: Mandenmakerstraat 130, 3194 DG Hoogvliet, The Netherlands

Contact: Robert van der Meer ( 0031 614981339

Dent All Group - France

Adres: 3 Rue de Lombardie, 69150 Decines Charpieu, France

Contact: M. Gautier ( 0033 437233333

We trust that with these licence partners you will be able to source superior quality and services meeting today’s requirements.  Our team of sales specialists remain at your disposal for any question you might have.