Initial IQ Lustre Pastes GUM

3-dimensional paintable ceramic

Initial IQ Lustre Pastes GUM set

GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF Gum Shades are 3-dimensional paintable ceramics developed to create a lifelike transition from the crown margin to the gingiva just by painting. The continuously growing demand for aesthetic implant-supported superstructures requires a ceramic solution not just for the white, but also for the red aesthetics of the soft tissue zones.

With their optimal match to both “low” and “high” CTE ceramics, the system is compatible with the complete GC Initial ceramic range. Available in a ready to use consistency, the Lustre Pastes NF Gum Shades are based on fine ceramic particles and can be applied in a thicker layer where they will exhibit unsurpassed nature analogue gum reproduction and a very natural glaze to your restorations.

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  • The ‘one for all’ solution for the complete GC Initial line.
  • The wide CTE – range (between 6,9 and 13,3) allow them to be combined with nearly all types of ceramic.
  • The unique handling properties allow you to individualize the gingival areas of your crown and bridge work in just a few minutes.
  • Color and gloss just by painting! No complex layering or extra firing cycles required
  • Available in ready to use jars for a more convenient application.
  • Diluting and Refresh liquids to keep the optimal consistency until the end.
  • Five gum coloured pastes with an ideal thixotropy for easy and precise application.
  • Four mixable Gum Modifiers allowing unlimited creativity to copy natural gingival harmony.
  • One kit for the complete GC Initial ceramic range
  • Perfect in combination with Initial IQ SQIN for the full ceramic micro-layering techniques.
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