Dry Mouth Gel

Neutral pH gel to help relieve dry mouth


Dry Mouth Gel is a unique, sugar free product designed to help relieve dry mouths and provide long lasting comfort and a soothing effect for patients.

Uniquely, unlike most saliva substitutes, Dry Mouth Gel has a neutral pH, meaning that effective symptomatic relief can be provided, whilst preserving oral pH within the safe range to prevent demineralization.

Patients with the following conditions may benefit from Dry Mouth Gel:

  • Mouth breathing during sleep
  • Drug-induced dry mouth from prescription or ‘over the counterʼ products
  • Sjögren’s syndrome
  • Radiation treatment
  • Long standing conditions that can impair salivary flow - e.g. diabetes mellitus, chronic hepatitis C infection and such connective tissue autoimmune diseases as systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Denture wearers for tissue protection and lubrication
  • Helps to relieve dry mouth and providing long lasting comfort
  • Neutral pH preserves oral pH in the safe range to prevent demineralisation
  • Relieves up to 4 hours
  • Also recommended to help relieve dry mouth experienced by denture wearers
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