Light-curing glass ionomer for orthodontic bonding


GC Fuji ORTHO LC is a light-cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer ideally suited for bonding orthodontic brackets, bands and appliances.
Its ability to be placed in the presence of moisture with no need for phosphoric acid etching simplifies the bonding procedure.
Its unique formulation helps to reduce the risk of decalcification, which helps maintain the soundness of enamel.

Additionally, debonding can be accomplished faster with less risk of damaging the enamel than with composite resin bonding systems.

  • Bonding of metal and ceramic brackets and attachments
  • Bonding of acrylic appliances e.g. Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)
  • Band cementation when extra band retention is desired
  • Easy application and controlled setting by light-curing
  • Excellent adhesion, even in a moist environment
  • Easy removal of orthodontic appliances, avoiding enamel fractures
  • No discolouration

GC Fuji ORTHO LC Paste Pak specific

  • Cartridge delivery system reduces preparation time
  • Optimal handling with choice between easy handmix or automix
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