Force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block


CERASMART270 is developed using the FSC technology, an innovative filler treatment method for homogeneous filler dispersion, having a great impact on physical properties. A stronger bond between the filler and matrix is achieved, together with an increase in filler load, resulting in a stronger material with improved aesthetic properties.

With its improved strength and wear resistance, CERASMART270 is on the cutting edge of restorative dentistry. The surfaces remain very smooth and glossy over time, which is not only beneficial for the aesthetic appearance, but also limits the wear of the opposing dentition. The improved breaking energy and flexibility of the material are contributing to buffer the masticatory forces. This makes the material extremely suitable for treatment of the worn dentition.

The milling of CERASMART270 is fast and efficient, making it possible to create restorations with precise, fine margins and an optimal fit in a very short time. Additionally, it can easily be polished, saving time and money. When higher aesthetics outcome is desired, the material can easily be glazed and characterised using the wear resistant coating OPTIGLAZE color. The flexibility of CERASMART270 also lies in its ability to be either sandblasted or etched before luting, so that it adapts to every practice.

  • Metal free indirect restorations
    • full crown
    • inlay
    • onlay
    • laminated veneer
  • Implant supported crown

The High Translucency (HT) blocks are mainly used to replace enamel: inlays, onlays, veneers, partial and full crowns.

The Low Translucency blocks are intended for the replacement of dentin and enamel structures: to mask discoloured preparations, in particular for crowns.

CERASMART270 benefits from the FSC technology, a unique filler treatment technology that is the latest development from GC. As a result, CERASMART270 has a high filler rate to give the material superior physical and aesthetic properties.

  • Strong and flexible
    • Very high flexural strength to ensure longevity
    • High flexibility with high breaking energy to buffer masticatory pressure
    • Ultra-fine fillers coated for a long-lasting gloss and extremely low wear to the opposing dentition
  • Flexible and precise
    • Fast and precise milling, superb marginal adaptation
    • High radiopacity for an easy follow-up
  • Precise and beautiful
    • Warm colours for very natural fluorescence and opalescence
    • Very smooth surface right after milling
    • Easy to achieve superior gloss that lasts
  • Beautiful and convenient
    • CERASMART270 is the only hybrid ceramic block that can be either sandblasted or pre-treated with hydrofluoric acid
    • CERASMART270 can be either polished or characterised with OPTIGLAZE color, a wear resistant coating solution that is unique to GC
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