Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE

The most versatile paintable ceramic with improved fluorescence for external staining as well as internal characterisation of substructures.

Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE set

GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE are feldspar-based ceramic materials, available in a ready-to-use consistency. Composed of fine ceramic particles, the 3-dimensional paint pastes add colour deepness and lifelike translucency to your monolithic restorations. They can be applied in a thicker layer, guaranteeing unsurpassed vitality and a very natural glaze.

The Lustre Pastes ONE are specially developed to give your monolithic restorations a natural fluorescent appearance. The fluorescence can be boosted with Lustre Neutral FLUO (L-NFL).

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With the Lustre Pastes ONE V-Shades & Lustre Pastes NF Gum Shades, you can easily improve or modify your conventional ceramic crown and bridge work (CTE between 6.9 and 13.3):

GC Initial Lustre Pastes ONE - V-shades to change the brightness, colour and value of all ceramics. To be used in the cut-back technique with your pressed or layered work and all your monolithic zirconium oxide works:

  • 6 basic colours to achieve a V-shade restoration in the easiest way
  • 12 advanced colours to unleash your inner artist and paint white spots, decalcifications, hair lines and crack lines
  • All shades with optimized fluorescence throughout different levels

GC Initial Lustre Pastes NF Gum Shades for a lifelike transition from the crown margin to the gingiva:

  • 5 ready-to-use gum-coloured pastes with an ideal thixotropy for easy and precise application
  • 4 mixable Gum Modifiers allowing unlimited creativity to copy gingiva in harmony with nature
  • The Lustre Pastes ONE are based on a mix of refined glass ceramic particles, ensuring lifelike depth and light dynamics for a natural 3D effect – just by painting!
  • Improved and unique paste with thixotropic consistency enabling an easier and more precise application.
  • Ready to use. Adaptable to your preferred consistency.
  • Optimal fluorescence ensures a natural appearance under all light circumstances.
  • Perfect combination with Initial IQ SQIN for the full ceramic micro-layering techniques.
  • Used as colour & individualization layer assuring a perfect connection firing before application of the SQIN in the micro-layering technique
  • Just one dedicated kit for all ceramics and for the complete GC Initial range.
  • GC Initial Spectrum Stains (powder stains) can be used to maximize individualization possibilities.
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