FujiCEM Evolve

Paste-paste resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement


With 30 years of experience in glass ionomer technology, GC has shown constant innovation in this field. The company has been offering performant luting solutions with, among others, the well-known range of Fuji luting cements. With FujiCEM Evolve, GC takes another step ahead by offering performance in luting, fitting the everyday needs.

FujiCEM Evolve is an innovative resin modified glass ionomer cement with trustful performance to lute any retentive metal base and Zirconia restorations, and with enjoyable convenience thanks to a modern delivery.

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GC FujiCEM Evolve is especially indicated for:

  • Metal and porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns and bridges
  • Composite inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • High strength all ceramic (zirconia) crowns and bridges
  • All ceramic inlays, metal, ceramic and fiber posts
  • Glass-ionomer
    • Low post-operative sensitivity
    • Moisture tolerant – no need for rubber dam
    • Technique tolerant without pre-treatment
    • Good working time (2’15) and fast setting (4’30)
  • Optimal handling
    • New ergonomic and light syringe, fitting all hands
    • Handmix or automix, the choice is yours
    • Push and Click tips, locked in one touch
    • Endotips available to master all your luting challenges
  • Convenience as a step forward
    • An ideal consistency for easy extrusion with one hand, low film thickness (12µm) and perfect adaptation
    • Tack cure option for easier excess removal
    • Brighter and less chromatic shade for universal clinical uses
  • State of the art performance
    • Super-long chain hydrophilic crosslinking monomers, bringing strength & stability
    • Maximum adhesion to tooth substance (8,8 MPa on enamel) as well as restorative material (such as Zirconia with 13,4 MPa after 5,000 cycles of TC)
    • Easy check of cement on a x-ray thanks to 258% Al
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