Aadva Lab Scanner 2 Plus

Lab scanner with an unique intuitive scanflow

Introducing simple and unique workflows with GC’s Change to Aadva Lab Scanner 2 +
The combination of unique scan features with robust scanning hardware will help you simplify your work routine.

Hybrid Scan - no more die prepping!

  • With a single click, this feature automatically combines the impression and the gypsum models, this speeds up your workflow by reducing the model prepping time. Additionally, it improves accuracy and enhances the details of your master digital model.

Smart Occlusion - no more bite scan!

  • With a single click, this unique software guides your digital models automatically into
    occlusion, this speeds up your workflow. On top, it improves accuracy and enhances the predictability of your bite registration by preventing the occlusal intersections.

You can download the latest software by clicking the thumbnail below.

AadvaScan v1.6.0
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