Vinyl polyether silicone impression material


The combination of intrinsic hydrophilicity and tear strength of the EXA’lence VPES (Vinyl Polyether Silicone) technology ensures that from now on you will be able to take excellent impressions in every condition.
Achieving perfect impressions for perfectly fitting restorations in unpredictable circumstances is now possible for every dental professional.

Full denture, crowns, bridges, primary crowns, partial crowns, inlays, veneers, onlays, impression without preparation, pick-up impression... for every indication there is a combination of EXA’lence materials that will do a perfect job.

EXA’lence stands for perfect impressions under all conditions - time and time again

  • Intrinsic hydrophilicity ensures wettability for a perfectly detailed capture, even under wet conditions
  • Remains hydrophilic after setting, for the highest precision when pouring of the model
  • High tear strength eliminates the risk of damage during removal from the mouth and during removal of the model from the impression
  • Long working time and short setting time
  • Pleasant mild mint taste for the patient
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