G-ænial™ Universal Injectable

G-ænial Universal Injectable has changed the composite market since its introduction in 2018. This very versatile and user-friendly composite, owner of many international prizes, is now a dentist favourite thanks to its practicality, optimal physical properties (higher than most paste composites) and great aesthetics. Its injectable and highly thixotropic viscosity allows very good adaptation to the cavity walls, yet it is able to keep its shape during placement, making it possible to directly create the final anatomy while injecting in the cavity. Its strength and wear resistance make it perfectly suited for use in posterior restorations without capping and in the Injection Moulding Technique (IMT). On top of the well appreciated syringe with unique elongated tips, GC is now proud to introduce a new delivery system in the form of unitips.

G-ænial Universal Injectable - a game changer in restorative dentistry