IDS 2019

  • Aadva Lab Scanner 2
    Simplicity, Accuracy, Productivity - the New Aadva Lab Scanner 2 (ALS 2) with Unique Intuitive Scanflows.
    Natural fit and flexibility - New hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM block for chairside and laboratory use.
  • EQUIA Forte HT
    Strength allied with beauty - a glass hybrid restorative excelling in strength and aesthetics.
  • everX Flow
    Strong to the core - the strength of fibres in a flowable consistency.
    Have a clear view - a truly transparent vinyl polysiloxane that is useful in a myriad of indications.
  • FujiCEM Evolve
    Luting solution for everyday use - a convenient resin-modified glass ionomer.
  • G-ænial Universal Injectable
    A game changer in restorative dentistry - a very versatile and user-friendly composite, because of some unique features. It is highly filled and is stronger than many paste composites.
  • G-CEM Veneer
    The perfect flow - a light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement featuring an innovative technology.
  • G-Premio BOND
    New flip-top cap - the universal adhesive now available in a new, award-winning packaging.
    Where innovation meets indication - a simpler, smarter modular composite system for indirect restorations.
  • Intraoral Scanning Solutions
    Based on AI Technology - Aadva Complete Intraoral Scanning Solutions.
  • Temp PRINT
    Design and create - a new highly stable 3D print material for strong, temporary restorations.
    A smooth ride to your final restoration - the ultimate innovation in a temporary crown and bridge material that gives you a comfortable working time and a fast and smooth finish.