Paste-paste glass ionomer provisional luting cement


Fuji TEMP LT is especially designed for long-term temporary cementation. Thanks to its balanced formulation, it is very convenient during application and provides a stable retention whilst assuring the future safe removal of indirect restorations.
Besides presenting optimized handling and physical properties, Fuji Temp LT counts on the well-known protection offered by glass ionomer materials.

These advantages combined with the protection offered by glass ionomers make it the ideal choice for:

  • Long-term temporary cementation of all types of ceramic, zirconia, alumina, resin, acrylic and metal-based crowns and bridges, including try-on cementation of long-span prosthetic appliances
  • Especially adapted to assure sufficient retention and retrievability of crowns and bridges cemented on implant abutments
  • Non-runny consistency with low film thickness
  • Rubbery consistency for an easy removal of excesses
  • Reliable retention with long term security
  • No negative influence on final adhesive cementation
  • Safe removal of the restoration whenever needed
  • Easy clean up
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