Initial LF

Specialized metal ceramic system


Initial LF is a synthetic ceramic for low-temperature firing on alloys with a CTE compatible with those for GC Initial MC.

This low fusing ceramic can easily be polished for a ‘true-to-life’ glossy sheen and reduced occlusal abrasion.

Initial LF is used to correct restorations made with GC Initial MC or as a build-up material on GC Initial PC copings.

The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 11.6x10-6 K-1(25°- 500° C) makes Initial LF suitable for ceramic-metal alloys with a standardized CTE, for NEM, high- and reduced-content gold alloys, but also for galvano or palladium-based alloys (with a silver content < 20 % ).

  • Synthetic ceramic with a firing temperature of 770°C
  • Excellent low-shrinkage properties
  • Optimised shrinkage properties and superb polishability
  • Effect materials for all the different staining and layering techniques
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