Kiyotaka Nakao, President and CEO of GC Corporation, Awarded Title of Officer in the Order of the Crown, One of Belgium's Highest Honors


GC Corporation (Bunkyo, Tokyo) is proud to announce that President and CEO, Dr. Kiyotaka Nakao, was awarded the title of “Officer in the Order of the Crown” by the Kingdom of Belgium. This award was bestowed in recognition of his longstanding efforts to promote bilateral relations between Japan and Belgium, primarily through the investment sector. The award ceremony was held at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Japan (Chiyoda, Tokyo) on 13 April 2023.

The Order of Crown is a national order of the Kingdom of Belgium, conferred by His Majesty the King of Belgium to those who have made significant contributions to the country, with the title of Officer being one of the highest honors a foreign national can achieve.

This is not the first time a member of GC has been honored with a rank in The Order of the Crown. Mr. Makoto Nakao, Chief Corporate Adviser of GC Corporation, was awarded the status of Commander in the Order of the Crown in 1995, and Dr. Nakao is honored to continue this legacy.

At the award ceremony, Kiyotaka Nakao said in his speech, "I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invitation to this wonderful residence and for being awarded the honorable distinction of Officer in the Order of the Crown. Since the establishment of GC’s first overseas office, GC International Europe Branch, in Kortrijk, Belgium, we have expanded our business in Europe from our base in Belgium and continue to grow. GC has announced our Vision 2031: ‘To become the leading dental company committed to realizing a healthy and long-living society.’ Going forward, we will continue to take on further challenges and make efforts for our growth."

GC Corporation is committed to continuous contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Belgium and Japan for years to come.

GC’s activities in Belgium

  • 1972  GC’s first overseas office (GC International Europe Branch) is established in Kortrijk, Belgium.
  • 1984  GC constructs an office in Reuben, Belgium and moves its European branch there.
  • 1989  GC’s first overseas factory is built in the same location.
  • 2002  New logistics center of GC Europe is established in the same location.
  • 2008  “GC Europe Campus,” a training facility is constructed in the same location to enhance information dissemination.
  • 2008  GC Tech.Europe is established as a CAD/CAM center in the same location.
  • 2011  Logistics Centre is expanded in the same location.
  • 2013  Administrative Office, where the administrative departments are gathered, is opened in the same location.