Phishing mail warning

Dear Customers,
Please find below some information related to the risk of so called spoofed or Phishing emails:

GC shares information with you on a regular basis through emails. For this reason, we undertake all the necessary and advanced IT measures to ensure the highest level of security and protection of our customers. Nevertheless, cyber criminals happen to use ‘Phishing’ or ‘spoofed’ emails which are seemingly sent by GC associates or management and asking you to reply to the sender and/or click a link and use this opportunity to steal personal and/or confidential information.

We kindly ask you to pay attention to such emails. In the event where you would receive such an email or any suspicious email – seemingly – on behalf of GC, we recommend the following:

  1. Please do not reply or click a link as requested
  2. Delete the email

Should you have any questions or inquiry about suspicious emails related to GC, please do not hesitate to contact us using this inquiry form.

We thank you for your confidence in the GC company and philosophy which continually seeks to offer the most reliable and enjoyable experience to its customers.