Universal self-adhesive resin cement


G-CEM ONE is a highly advanced, universal self-adhesive resin cement with dual-cure ability, designed to provide strong and durable bonding of indirect restorations.

G-CEM ONE boasts exceptional bonding strength, excellent handling properties, and long-term stability, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of clinical applications.

One of the key benefits of G-CEM ONE is its versatility in bonding to various substrates without the need for additional primers or adhesives. However, when more adhesion is needed, it can be used with either G-CEM ONE Adhesive Enhancing Primer or G-Premio BOND, depending on the specific case requirements and clinician’s preferences. This flexibility allows dental practitioners to choose the bonding protocol that best suits their needs and preferences while providing optimal bond strengths in all indications.

G-CEM ONE features a unique self-curing mechanism, which enables it to achieve high bond strengths even in the absence of light curing. This feature makes it ideal for use in areas that are difficult to access with curing lights, such as the proximal surfaces of posterior teeth.

G-CEM ONE is a reliable and versatile resin cement that offers excellent bonding strength, ease of use, and long-term stability. Its compatibility with different adhesive systems and superior handling properties make it a preferred choice for many dental practitioners.

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  • Cementation of all types of all ceramic, resin and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
  • Cementation of metal, ceramic, fiber posts, and cast post and cores.
  • Cementation of all ceramic and composite veneers.
  • Final cementation of crowns and bridges on implant abutments.


Invisible margins for aesthetic outcome

  • G-CEM ONE’s homogenous distribution of small llers ensures invisible and wear-resistant margins, which is especially important for CAD-CAM inlays, onlays and partial crowns.
  • G-CEM ONE’s highly polymerized hydrophobic cement matrix with low water sorption provides long-term, colour-stable aesthetic results, which is especially important for anterior restorations.

Touch Cure without Light

  • G-CEM ONE can be combined with the dedicated Adhesive Enhancing Primer (AEP). This innovative Primer induces what we call “touch cure mechanism” for an accelerated and very effective dark-cure (self-cure) reaction of G-CEM ONE.
  • Touch cure ensures safe and fast setting in any clinical situation where light access is limited.
  • Simple procedure: Just apply the Adhesive Enhancing Primer, wait 10 sec and air-dry. No light-curing needed!

Simplified Universal Bonding

  • G-CEM ONE can also be combined with the universal bonding agent G-Premio BOND which includes three functional adhesive monomers (10-MDP, 4-MET, MDTP). Only one bonding agent for all direct and indirect workows!
  • Simple procedure: Apply G-Premio BOND, wait 10 sec, air-dry, light-cure for 10 seconds. Any etching technique (self-etch, selective-etch, total-etch) is possible.
  • Award-winning bottle design with a very precise application.


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