Fujivest Platinum II

Carbon-free phosphate-bonded investment


Fujivest Platinum II is an investment material specifically designed for precious and semi-precious alloys.

With its long comfortable working time and improved fluidity, investing complicated cases has become easier than ever before.
With an increased expansion range, this top of class material has become even more versatile.

The extremely smooth surface of Fujivest Platinum II will produce highly precise castings at any time.
This top quality investment can be used in both quick heating & step heating procedures.

Precision casting investment for both quick-heating and conventional step heating processes. For precious, semi-precious and Pd base alloys.

  • Extended working time, improved fluidity
  • Facilitates a perfect fit for complex cases, such as implant suprastructures and long-span bridges
  • Extremely smooth casting surfaces
  • Easy to steer and very wide expansion range
  • Devests easily, with reduced risk of damaging castings
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