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Intra-oral scanner from GC




The easiest way to take your first steps in digital dentistry!



From scanning to exporting your files with an intuitive process flow


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  1. 19″ touch screen
  2. Rotating cradle with anti-fog function
  3. Flexible arm
  4. USB and SD card slot
  5. Round and smooth surfaces
  6. Transportation lock
  7. Brake & move pad

The obtained scans from our intra-oral scanner allow the validation of the preparation, definition of margin lines, evaluation of bite registration and creation of 3D model. The simulated model can then be used to create indirect restorations such as veneers, inlays, onlays, single crowns and bridges of up to 4 elements. indications_gui.jpg



    • Innovative handpiece
      • Our handpiece weighs as little as 70gr
      • Start & Stop scanning with a simple hand gesture, no complex button present
      • No fogging thanks to the built-in anti-fog function in the cradle
      • Easily disinfected thanks to the smooth surfaces
      • Sleek design for easy handling and access to the oral cavity
      • No calibration necessary


    • Ergonomic
      • Rotating screen
      • Adaptable inclination of the arm
      • Both the rotating screen and adaptable inclination of the arm allow the dentist to work in his favourite oʼclock position
      • Easy transportation with easy locking thanks to the transport mode function ‘trolleyʼ


    • Smooth scan flowadvantages_flow.jpg
      • 100% real-time scanning for easy visualisation
      • No powder spray needed
      • Fast processing time as there is no offline file calculation
      • Start, pause, check, restart and stop scanning at any time
    • Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface)Easy process flow with 4 main steps:
      1. Insert patient details
      2. Scan
        1. Scan upper, lower and bite
        2. Define margins
        3. Bite registration
      3. Define restoration
      4. Export your files


    • Clear communication

      advantages_communication.jpgClear and easy communication to your preferred partners
      with our GC Aadva DSP software

    • Other advantagesadvantages_other.jpg
      • Two USB 3.0 and one flash card slot as an alternative for storing and transferring your clinical cases
      • Easily disinfected thanks to the round and smooth cart design
      • Cradle inlays can be reused and autoclaved

    Discover GC’s first server-based customer application software called GC Aadva DSP (Digital Services Platform).
    The DSP is an all-in-one approach for the management of your digital dentistry workflow. services_actions.jpg

    Our Digital Services Platform allows the user to:

    • Manage and store all your clinical cases
    • Connect and digitally send cases to your preferred dental lab(s)
    • Easily check the status of each case
    • Connect with our GC Digital Services Team for support
    • Manage all your GC devices
    • Easily access GC news, services and products


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