EXPERIENCE metal Rhodium

Rhodium Brackets

EXPERIENCE metal Rhodium

When Metal Meets Aesthetics

Largely used in the jewelry industry, Rhodium has the unique characteristic of reducing reflection (shine).  Its silver matte finish provides a transparent appearance that enhances aesthetics.


Whatever they are in self-ligating or conventional there will be the right one for you.

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RH Rhodium
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EXPERIENCE metal Rhodium

Ce bracket auto-ligaturant est largement utilisé depuis des années. Il reprend les principales caractéristiques de la qualité TOMY Inc. qui les fabrique.

Gorge du bracket fraisée CNC .018’’ ou .022’’ pour plus de précision, torque dans la base, clip-interactif pour une expression du torque idéale, grille de la base microsablée pour limiter les décollements, … 

Color code

The distal-gingival color code allows an identification of the bracket to prevent bonding errors. For some prescriptions, these color codes may be different on the bicuspids.

Roth Inter

MBT Inter


  • Roth Type in .018’’ and .022’’
  • MBT* Type in .018’’ and .22’’


*MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek

This class IIa medical device is a regulated medical device that owns the EC marking in this regard. Only for healthcare professionals. Respect the instruction for use and information the label before using.