Glass fibre reinforcement for minimally invasive composite bridges


With GC everStickC&B you can prepare composite bridges reinforced with fibres in one single visit, using a reversible and minimally invasive technique.

This evidence-based fibre reinforcement technology provides you with a metal-free, cost-effective treatment method to complement your prosthetic treatment choices.

For every indication to replace missing teeth either temporarily, transitionally or for long-term use:

  • Full cover crowns & bridges
  • Surface-retained and implant-supported bridges
  • Inlay, onlay and hybrid bridges

All these restorations can also be prepared in the dental laboratory.

GC everStickC&B enables you to create reversible fibre-reinforced bridges, by preserving healthy tooth structure for as long as clinically possible.

  • Reliable and aesthetic way to replace missing teeth in one single visit
  • Perfect to provide an immediate solution for emergency situations such as trauma cases, or after extractions
  • In case of agenesis, perfect solution for the replacement of missing laterals before an implant can be placed
  • Economical alternative in case the patient cannot afford conventional treatments
  • Ideal for both anterior and posterior bridges
  • Excellent bonding to composites thanks to the patented IPN structure
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