Vision Mission Values


To be Europeʼs benchmark dental company.

  • By being recognised by every dental professional as their foremost partner
  • By achieving turnover of more than 10% of the European dental market
  • By becoming a key player in strategic markets with all of our strategic products
  • By making a major contribution to GC corporate profits and underpinning the success of the entire group


To make GC one of the leading oral health companies, supplying world-class quality products and services to all European dental professionals.

Our key priority throughout: to turn GC into a genuine global company by combining the ‘best of both worldsʼ from Japan and Europe and playing to core strengths - in unison:

  • Perseverance - we never give up
  • Perfection - we continuously improve every aspect of our work
  • Productivity - we provide best value
  • Initiative - we are proactive
  • Diversity - we speak your language
  • Flexibility - we are open-minded in identifying ideal solutions
  • Integrity - we create working environments that allow for the constructive exchange of views and encourage open management


As a company we draw upon a multitude of opportunities and strengths. Each centres on our objective: to serve the needs of all European dental professionals.

This unites us within a single, powerful team committed to the following core values:

  • Mutual respect - independent of gender, race, religion, creed, ideology, education, lifestyle or beliefs
  • Accountability - we do what we say and say what we do
  • Trust - we can look each other in the eye as a fair and trusted partner
  • Quality first - we never compromise on quality
  • Winning philosophy - we are team players who play to win!