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GC Get Connected Special Edition IDS 2023 - Solved with GC! Operatory

  • Solved with GC!
  • The ‘MI’ workflow 
  • The ‘direct anterior’ workflow 
  • The ‘direct posterior’ workflow 
  • The ‘prosthetic’ workflow 
  • The ‘universal’ workflow

GC Get Connected Special Edition IDS 2023 - Solved with GC! Laboratory

  • ONE SQIN - paintable colour-and-form ceramic system
  • GRADIA PLUS - new shades
  • 20 years Initial
  • Aadva Lab Scanner

GC Get Connected Special Edition ONE SQIN

  • The color gradient of natural teeth and their intelligent imitation
    By MDT Stefan Roozen, Austria
  • Maximal aesthetics within a micro-layer! A new, efficient concept for monolithic workpieces
    By Patric Freudenthal IQDENT / DTG, Sweden
  • Excellent aesthetics with a significant time gain
    Interview with Michael Brüsch, Mark Bladen, Leonardo Cavallo, Carsten Fischer, Patrick Freudenthal, Joaquin Garcia Arranz, Diederik Hellingh and Stefan Roozen
  • The Mini-Max principle: When profitability is combined with aesthetics GC Initial™ IQ ONE SQIN painting and micro-layering system: A new level in the field of all-ceramics
    By MDT Andreas Pilch, Germany
  • What you paint is what you get: an all-ceramic upgrade
    By MDT Leonardo Cavallo, Italy
  • New philosophies in ceramic layering
    By Joaquín García Arranz (Quini) and Dr. Ramón Asensio Acevedo, DDS, Spain

GC Get Connected Special edition: Fall in love with your next restorative from GC

  • From long fibres to nano fibres: evolution of the use of fibres in dentistry
    Interview with Prof. Pekka Vallittu, Finland
  • The potential of fibre reinforcement
    By Dr Claudio Pisacane, DDS, Italy
  • Restoration of an endodontically treated tooth using a composite bilayer approach
    By Dr. med. Dent. Katja Winner-Sowa, Germany
  • Go with the flow: a cusp-by-cusp additive technique with injectable composite
    By Dr Mindaugas Kudelis, Lithuania
  • Injecting instead of layering: How a composite became an all-rounder in my dental practice
    Interview with Dr. med. Dent. Frank-Michael Maier, Germany
  • Injection moulding with composite to obtain a predictable aesthetic outcome; Clinical step-by-step with G-ænial® Universal Injectable
    and EXACLEAR transparent silicone
    By Dr. Ali Salehi, France
  • Challenges and treatment of the different levels of MIH
    Interview with Dr. Nina Zeitler, Germany
  • An aesthetic and biomimetic approach with a glass hybrid fordirect restorations
    By Ass. Prof. Zeynep Bilge Kütük, Turkey
  • Quick and effective restoration with glass hybrids: the stamp technique
    By Dr. Rosalía Marcano, Spain

GC get connected 19

  • Excellent aesthetics with a significant time gain
    Interview with Michael Brüsch, Mark Bladen, Leonardo Cavallo, Carsten Fischer, Patrick Freudenthal, Joaquin Garcia Arranz, Diederik Hellingh and Stefan Roozen 
  • Maximal aesthetics within a micro-layer! A new, efficient concept for monolithic workpieces
    By Patric Freudenthal IQDENT / DTG, Sweden 
  • CAD-CAM single tooth lithium-disilicate restoration through combined endodontic, surgical and prosthetic therapies
    By Matteo Basso, Maria Giulia Pulcini, Carlo Vitelli, Arturo Dian, Katherine Radaelli and Clotilde Austoni, Italy. 
  • Glass-fibre-reinforced composites as a core build-up in minimally invasive endodontics
    By Dr. Kaplan Sheudzhen, Russia 
  • Simple adhesive luting in everyday practice – ONE for all
    By P.D. Dr. med. Dent. José Ignacio Zorzin, Germany 
  • A surface-retained glass fiber-reinforced bridge with a CAD/CAM-fabricated pontic
    By Dr. Jasmina Bijelic-Donova (Finland), Dr. Clara Anton Y Otero (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Pekka K. Vallittu (Finland) and Prof. Dr. Ivo Krejci (Switzerland). 
  • Don’t paint but seal - Maintaining the surface and individualizing the color
    By MDT Frederic Reimann, Germany 
  • Ceramics and digital solutions from a single source: where manual and automated techniques go hand in hand
    By Ralf Dahl, Germany

GC get connected 18

  • GC: 100 YEARS!
  • Restoration of an endodontically treated tooth using a composite bilayer approach - By Dr. med. Dent. Katja Winner-Sowa, Germany
  • The color gradient of natural teeth and their intelligent imitation - By MDT Stefan Roozen, Austria
  • Evolutions in imaging with hybrid scanning - Interview with RDT Stephen Lusty, UK
  • A simplified approach to Class IV restorations using the press-mould technique - By Katherine Losada, DDS, Switzerland
  • Reproduction of dentin color using Initial Spectrum Stain - By CDT Fotis Megas, Greece
  • Simple chords of shades for harmonious restorations - By Dr. Wallid Boujemaa, France
  • Enjoy the simple things: cementation with self-adhesive resin cement - By Dr. Christian Lampson, Germany

GC get connected 17

  • Restoration of proximal caries lesions in the posterior area with tight proximal contacts - By Dr. Radoslav Asparuhov, Bulgaria
  • Diagnose and Therapy of Molar-Incisor- Hypomineralisation - Interview with Dr. Dana Adyani-Fard, Germany
  • Implant shape and immediate loading: the Aadva solutions - By Dr. Matteo Basso and Dr. Arturo Dian, Italy
  • Injectable techniquelateral incisors reshaping after orthodontic treatment - By Dr. Milos Ljubicic and Dr. Marija Zivkovic, Serbia
  •  Class IV restoration with direct composite resin: A case study utilising the layering-stratification technique with the G-ænial A’CHORD composite system - By Dr. Anthony Mak and Dr. Andrew Chio, Australia
  • One-step post-and-core build-up of an endodontically treated tooth - By Dr. Giancarlo Pongione, Italy
  • Full Digital workflow with a twist - Drs. Marco Tudts and CDT Bob Elst, Belgium
  • Single tooth replacement in the aesthetic zone: contribution of the socket technique to a durable end result - By Dr. Alex Dagba, Dr. Romy Makhoul and Dr. Julien Mourlaas, France
GCGC16 front cover

GC get connected 16

  • Welcome word A. Rumphorst
  • Aesthetic rehabilitation with leucite-reinforced glass ceramics - By Dr. Sidimohamed Bechiri, Algeria
  • Achieving a single central shade match at the first attempt - By Marat Awdaljan, the Netherlands
  • Shape matters: conservative alterations of tooth contours and contacts - By Johannes Bantleon, Austria
  • Restoring proximal caries lesions with a single shade stratification technique - By Dr. Sergiu Muresan, Romania
  • From long fibres to nano fibres: evolution of the use of fibres in dentistry - Interview with Prof. Pekka Vallittu, Finland
  • Handling a challenging case in the anterior area with implants - By Dr. David Garcia-Baeza, Spain
  • Indirect bonding of brackets for predictable orthodontic results - By Dr. Aleksandra Podoleshova, North Macedonia
  • The chairside use of a dual-cure composite for temporary restorations - By Dr Janine Sohota, United Kingdom

GC get connected 15

  • Welcome word A. Rumphorst
  • Challenges and treatment of the different levels of MIH - Interview with Dr. Nina Zeitler, Germany
  • Inferior diastema closure with a universal composite - By Ormir Bushati, Albania
  • A non-invasive treatment approach with direct composite veneers - By Andrés Silva, Spain
  • The digital workflow in present-day orthodontics - Interview with Dr. Med. Dent. Marc Geserick, Germany
  • Injection Moulding: Case study & technique guide - By Dr. Anthony Tay, Singapore
  • GC Temp PRINT - a versatile material - By RDT Stephen Lusty, United Kingdom
  • Creating veneers with the platinum foil technique - By Santiago García Zurdo and Juan Zufía González DDS, Spain
  • The challenge of replacing adjacent incisors - By Dr. Cyril Gaillard, France

GC get connected 14

  • Welcome word A. Rumphorst
  • A full digital workflow with 3D-printed temporary restorations - Dr Anthony Mak and Dr Andrew Chio, Australia
  • The composite injection technique with GRADIA PLUS - MDT Lisa Johnson, United Kingdom, MDT Marijo Rezo, Croatia, CDT Jonas Spaenhoven from GC Europe and MDT Roeland De Paepe from GC Benelux
  • Injection moulding for a predictable aesthetic outcome - Dr. Angel Andonovski, North Macedonia
  • Indirect Hybrid Nano-Ceramic Adhesive Restorations in the Posterior Region: A case report using the new CERASMART270 - Dr. Pierre Dimitrov, Dr. Assen Marinov and MDT Boyanka Vladimirova, Bulgaria
  • Smile rehabilitation with lithium disilicate veneers: a case report - Prof. Joseph Sabbagh, Lebanon
  • Experiences gained with Experience™ mini Rhodium and Ortho Connect: A Self-ligating bracket with a compelling design and convincing implementation process - Dr. Marcus Holzmeier, Germany
  • Hybrid zirconia titanium abutments assembled with G-CEM LinkAce can be autoclaved maintaining structural integrity - MDT Dieter Pils, Austria
  • Zirconia: Aesthetic, strong and predictable - Patric Freudenthal IQDENT / DTG, Sweden

GC get connected 13

  • Welcome word J. Richter
  • Direct Veneers with Polychromatic Layering: A Case Report - Ezgi Tüter and Ass. Prof. Bora Korkut, Turkey
  • An aesthetic and biomimetic approach with a glass hybrid for direct restorations - Ass. Prof. Zeynep Bilge Kütük, Turkey
  • FujiCEM Evolve as innovative resin-modified glass-ionomer cement for zirconia restorations: a case report - Prof. Roberto Sorrentino, Italy
  • Bonding of ceramic veneers - Prof. O. Etienne and Dr. B. Cournault
  • An efficient approach to the restoration of worn incisors - Dr. Florian Klumpp, Germany
  • Considerations for optimal restoration of teeth with perforations - Georg Benjamin, Germany
  • Initial LiSi Press Contest: and the winners are...
  • G-CEM LinkForce: A Simplified System for Adhesive Bonding Procedures - Dr. Antonio Saiz-Pardo, Spain

GC get connected 12

  • Welcome word J. Richter
  • TEAMPLAY with Initial LiSi - Tom Clauwaert and Bob Elst, Belgium
  • Luting of an aesthetic restoration with a light-cure cement, G-CEM Veneer - Jacopo Mattiussi, Italy
  • A simple, quick method for beautiful customised provisionals - Dr. Christian Lampson, Germany
  • Preserving the posterior functional dentition - David Gerdolle, Switzerland
  • Full arch rehabilitation with lithium disilicate secondary crowns luted on the primary framework - Joaquín García Arranz (Quini), Ramón Asensio Acevedo and Oscar Jimenez Rodriguez, Spain
  • Implant supported hybrid restoration with thimble crowns - Bill Marais, South Africa
  • Essentia Academic Excellence Contest: winning case - Myriam Alonso Fuente, Spain
  • Managing congenitally missing lateral incisors with implants - The key factors to reach an excellent result - Dr. Miguel A Iglesia Puig, Spain

GC get connected 11

  • Welcome word J. Richter
  • Injection moulding with composite to obtain a predictable aesthetic outcome: Clinical step-by-step with G-ænial Universal Injectable and EXACLEAR transparent silicone - Dr Ali Salehi, France
  • More than just a curing light: Benefits of D-Light Pro in day-to-day use - Dr Alessandro Devigus, Switzerland
  • An aesthetic project with Initial LRF CAD/CAM restorations - Dr Max Cordelette, France
  • Indirect CAD/CAM restoration with GC CERASMART: Hybrid ceramic allows customisation without a firing process - Dr Christoph Blum, Germany
  • Bonded ceramic restorations: Management of two different substrates - Mathieu Contrepois and Jérôme Bellamy, France
  • Full arch implant rehabilitation: a case report - Dr David Garcia Baeza, Spain
  • 15 years INITIAL: the birth and evolution of a highly innovative class - Michael Brüsch, Germany
  • Colour and brightness: Proper brightness of a zirconia-ceramic restoration using Initial Zr-FS ceramic - Luigi Russo, Italy

GC get connected 10

  • Welcome word M. Puttini
  • Initial LiSi Press for all ceramic restorations on discoloured preps - MDT Stefan Roozen, Austria
  • Indirect CAD/CAM restorations from leucite-reinforced glass-ceramics - Dr. R. Venelinov & Dr. K. Gospodinov, Bulgaria
  • Thinking outside the box is in demand: Hybrid ceramic material as a supplementary material for CAD/CAM for single tooth and implant treatment - ZTM Carsten Fischer, Germany
  • Enhance your diagnostics: What can we understand from light-induced fluorescence? - Dr. Stephane Browet
  • Glass ionomers: the material of choice in paediatric dentistry? - Thomas Trentesaux, Caroline Leverd, Mathilde Laumaille, Marion Jayet, Caroline Delfosse, France
  • New Generation Short Fibre-Reinforced Composite Restorations of the Posterior Dentition - Márk Fráter DMD & András Forster DMD
  • Challenging aesthetic restorations: combining materials from a different nature - Dr. Silvia Del Cid, Spain
  • GC Luting Guide - Choosing the right luting agent for each indication
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GC get connected 9

  • Welcome word M. Puttini
  • Indirect composite restorations in the posterior zone: probably one of the best options - Dr. Rafał Mędzin, Poland
  • Managing severe Hypomineralised Second Primary Molars (HSPM) and Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) with preformed metal crowns - Dr. Clarissa Bonifácio and Dr. Daniela Hesse, The Netherlands
  • Key points to the successful laboratory processing of press ceramics - Toshio Morimoto, Dental Technician, M Dental Laboratory, Osaka
  • Restorations with composite in ceramic rehabilitation - F. Troyano, Spain
  • Universal bonding solution with G-CEM LinkForce: Strong adhesion for a diversity of materials and indications - Dr. Joachim Beck-Mußotter
  • Aadva Lab Scan – high accuracy for the perfect fit - Prof. Marco Ferrari

GC get connected 8

  • Welcome word M. Puttini
  • The future of restorative dentistry is... digital - Dr. Filip Keulemans
  • 10 years of GC EQUIA: Experts take stock - Significant progress in GIC - Prof. Dr. Sevil Gurgan, Prof. Elmar Reich, PD Dr. Falk Schwendicke, Prof. Hervé Tassery
  • Seeing is believing! Near-UV light detection mode with GC D-Light Pro - Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix
  • Clinical application of the Proximal Box Elevation Technique in combination with Cerasmart Inlays - Dr. Dayana da Silva Gonçalves, Prof. Laura Ceballos
  • Essentia Universal shade - A universal solution for posterior restorations? - Dr. Bojidar Kafelov
  • Winners Essentia Facebook contest
  • How to maintain comfort and function after implant placement in denture wearers? The use of silicone soft relining material as a solution - Dr. David Garcia-Baeza, Dr. Olga González
  • Effectively combining - CAD/CAM applications - Garlef Roth
  • GRADIA PLUS - a new concept for indirect lab composite techniques - Diederik Hellingh, ZTM Simone Maffei, ZTM Michael Brüsch
  • Press for success! GC Initial LiSi Press - An extraordinary combination of strength and aesthetics - Carsten Fischer
gc7_en.pdf2.99 MB

GC get connected 7

  • Welcome word M. Puttini
  • Clinical evaluations confirm longevity of glass ionomer cements - Professor L. Sebnem Turkun
  • Non-invasive composite reconstructions in cases of worn lower anterior teeth - Maciej Żarow
  • Changing perspectives on direct CAD/CAM restorations
  • Which kind of luting cements do you have in your drawer? - Emmanuel d’Incau
  • Chairside tooth replacement using a simplified procedure to create a fibre-reinforced composite bridge - Dr. Esra Can Say
  • GRADIA PLUS - A new concept for indirect lab composite techniques
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GC get connected 6

  • Welcome word M. Puttini
  • Full-mouth rehabilitation using Essentia composite and OPTIGLAZE colour characterisation material in combination with a multi-layer thermoforming technique based on wax-up: a clinical case report - by Dr Iñaki Gamborena
  • GC Europe Campus: A new standard in training and education - by Karin de Hert
  • G-CEM LinkForce: Bonding protocol for indirect ceramic restorations - by Dr. Olivier Etienne
  • The Initial series... a game changer - by Dr. Bill Marais
  • Cerasmart: the perfect alternative in the laboratory for cases of erosion and restorations on implants - by Dr. Christian Thie
  • Methodical approach towards the correct CAD/CAM decision -by Garlef Roth (CDT)
gc5_en.pdf3.32 MB

GC get connected 5

  • Welcome word M. Puttini
  • Changing mindset towards simplified procedures with universal bonding systems - Dr. Serhat Köken
  • Simplifying direct adhesive restorations with GC Essentia composite - Dr. Gianfranco Politano
  • Tooth Wear Management by Minimal Intervention - Dr. Shamir Mehta
  • Healing deep caries lesions in the posterior region with the new micro-laminated glass ionomer cement - Dr. Anja Baraba and Prof. Ivana Miletić
  • New fluoride varnish MI Varnish by GC - Dr. Birgit Riebeling
  • Luting navigation chart
  • Cleaning agents and disinfectants guidelines
  • Pre-treatment procedures for indirect restorations
  • Clinical evaluation of CERASMART, a new hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM block - Dr. Mete Fanuscu and Dr. Ahmet Turan
  • GC INITIAL, Progress and success - MDT Michael Brüsch
gc4_en.pdf2.85 MB

GC get connected 4

  • Welcome word M. Puttini
  • essentia. The smart simplification of a composite system! - Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix
  • Cerasmart, a step-by step description in the form of a clinical case report - Dr. Andreas Mattmüller
  • Highlight on the concept of Biomimetics - Dr. Gil Tirlet
  • Realisation of a diastema closure with a bonded composite resin - Dr. Ulf Krueger-Janson
  • Modern Solutions for Direct Posterior Restorations - Prof. Ivana Miletic
  • Monolithic milling - individually characterised | Smart surface sealing with milled PMMA-Restorations: GC OPTIGLAZE Color - ZTM Christian Rothe
  • A new solution to compensate firing shrinkage with translucent shades - Dr. Vincenzo Mutone
GC3_en.pdf10.23 MB

GC get connected 3

  • Welcome by GC Europe President, Mr Michele Puttini
  • WATCH: ART Technique using Fuji IX GP EXTRA in P/L - Professor Evert van Amerongen
  • Introducing the Dentonauts: your partners in paediatric dentistry
  • The diagnosis, prevalence and treatment of MIH - Professor Evert van Amerongen
  • Creating an aesthetic root canal post with everStickPOST - Assistant Professor Anja Baraba
  • My recipe to achieve a G-ænial smile - Dr Rodolphe Zunzarren
  • Infographic: When to use which GC glass ionomer restorative?
  • UKʼs leading dental school advances MID training through new postgraduate qualification - Professor Avi Banerjee
  • The latest scientific evidence: Glass ionomer cement abstracts
  • Step by step: Restoring with G-ænial Bond
  • Cementation of hybrid abutments with G-CEM LinkAce - Roland Verhoeven
gc2_en.pdf4.67 MB

GC get connected 2

  • Fibres (un)limited (Dr Filip Keulemans)
  • Tips and strategies for restoring large cavities using fibre-reinforced material (Drs Stephane Brouwet and Javier Tapia Guadix)
  • Clinical efficiency of one-step self-etch adhesives versus etch-and-rinse systems (Professor Jan van Dijken)
  • Success with luting cements: material and technique tips (Dr Frédéric Raux)
  • 10 years INITIAL: the birth and evolution of a highly innovative class (MDT Michael Brüsch)
  • Step by step: Using EverX posterior
gc1_en.pdf3.73 MB

GC get connected 1

Advances in composite technology

  • Choosing the material that suits you best (Dr Philipp Kober, Austria)
  • Embracing scientific advances (Dr Javier Tapia Guadix, Spain)
  • Fibres are changing dentistry (Professor Pekka K. Vallittu DDS, PhD, Finland)
  • Technique tips for GC G-ænial

Minimum intervention dentistry

  • Prevention-centered care (Professor Sophie Doméjean, France)
  • Ready to realise the full potential of MI Dentistry (Professor Avijit Banerjee, UK)
  • Simpler is better (Dr Matteo Basso, Italy)
  • Technique tips for GC EQUIA