Light-cured radiopaque universal composite restorative


After years of development, based on the experience of top aesthetic clinicians, GC is introducing a paradigm shift in restorative dentistry with an innovative and bold shade concept.

Essentia represents the pure essence of composite layering. With just seven syringes, you now have a perfect aesthetic solution for all your restorations.
Traditional shade systems rely on different hues (colours), known as A, B, C and D. However, it is known that enamel and dentin have different characteristics which are also changing with time, becoming not only stronger in colour but also more translucent.
By breaking away from traditional monochromatic shades and focusing on reproducing the aging characteristics of enamel and dentin, you can obtain a much more natural result in just two simple layers.

Discover 6 options to cover all your clinical cases



Anterior: adapt your layering to the age of your patient

  • Bleach or Junior restorations: use Light Dentin and Light Enamel
  • Young patients: use Medium Dentin and Light Enamel
  • Adult teeth: use Medium Dentin and Dark Enamel
  • Senior teeth: use Dark Dentin and Dark Enamel

Posterior: choose between natural duo-layering or simple mono-shade restoration

  • Dark Dentin is layered with Light Enamel to mimic natural posterior teeth
  • In many situations, the use of Universal alone will already give a very nice aesthetic result
  • Intuitive shade concept, bold & straightforward:
    • Seven shades to solve all clinical cases!
    • Reduced inventory - all shades will be of use
  • The different compositions of Dentin & Enamel shades bring natural optical behaviour for beautiful results
  • Dentin shades are opaque enough: no need to use an extra opaque shade to mask the preparation line
  • Essentia features optimal handling & optical properties in all situations:
    • Dentins: soft for an easy sculpting and an excellent shade adaptation
    • Enamels: slightly more compact and guarantee an excellent gloss
    • Universal: packable for an easy application in the posterior area
    • Masking Liner: injectable and very opaque, perfect for deep discoloured cavities
  • Essentia simplifies the polishing procedure, with only a few steps to achieve long-term gloss retention
  • The 4 modifiers (3 stains & 1 Opalescent shade) offer the possibility to characterise even further the restoration
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