G-CEM LinkForce

Dual-cure adhesive luting cement


From inlays/onlays, overlays, veneers and tabletops to CAD/CAM prosthetics, the choice between different types of restorations has become wider. Add the introduction of new substrates such as zirconia, lithium disilicate and hybrid ceramics and it is no surprise that mastering all the cementation procedures for all indications is now a difficult challenge. Is there one solution that can adapt to all situations?

GC has developed a universal adhesive resin cement for you that offers predictable results and allows you to work in a standardised way. G-CEM LinkForce from GC - the universal and powerful solution to all your adhesive cementation challenges that ensures a strong bond to all substrates in all indications, without compromises.

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You can count on G-CEM LinkForce in all clinical situations, for each indication and every kind of substrate:

  • All ceramic, hybrid ceramic, resin and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Metal, ceramic and fibre posts
  • All ceramic and composite veneers
  • Crowns and bridges on implant abutments

One system, three base elements: that’s all it takes to create strong adhesion in all situations

  • G-Premio BOND, bonding to ALL preparations with no compromises Bonds to teeth, metal abutments and composite core build-ups
  • G-Multi Primer, ensures a stable adhesion to ALL restorations Stable chemical adhesion on all surfaces, even on precious metals
  • G-CEM LinkForce, provides a strong link in ALL indications Universal without limitations in indications or substrate

Light-cure, dual-cure: the choice is yours

  • High bond strength thanks to an efficient light-curing of the bonding Very thin 3µm film thickness not interfering with crown placement
  • Efficient self-cure mode Particularly useful when luting opaque or thick restorations
  • Optimal light-curing of the resin cement Ideal for the luting of veneers

Aesthetic & stable over time

  • 4 shades to match all needs, accompanied by their corresponding try-in pastes
  • Tooth-like fluorescence
  • Color stability over time
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