Aadva Lab Scanner 3

The unique gesture controlled lab scanner

Aadva Lab Scanner 3

GC introduces the Aadva Lab Scanner 3, a next generation scanner that paves the way for ingenious and practical features. This gesture controlled dental lab scanner combines an unparalleled user experience with the speed, precision, flexibility and safety you expect in your CAD/CAM workflow.

Patented projection technology

  • Interactive buttons guide you through the scanning process
  • Illumination of objects during the scanning process

Angulated twin cameras set-up with high-speed engines

  • Maximized scan coverage enables the capturing of difficult accessible areas
  • Rapid motor control with 25% faster operation
  • Accurate high-resolution data set even for impressions
  • Resolution to be set depending on the requirements of the project

Fully automated object recognition

  • Automatic positioning of the system plate
  • Projection of the insert position for articulators and impressions

Eye-safe blue light

  • Shielding construction and diffusing disc avoid the risk of eye damage

Hybrid scan technology

  • Automatic matching of the impression and model scans

Smart occlusion

  • Digital models are automatically guided into occlusion

Open and versatile scanner

  • Data formats: Open .stl & .ply export
  • Option to work with our Aadva CAD or other software packages

Fit for any challenge with an XL object plate and a full array of accessories

AadvaScan v1.6.0
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