Memory Shape archwires with progressive forces by TOMY

GC Bio Active Light

The true engine behind the appliance, orthodontic archwires have to meet both therapeutic requirements and patient comfort standards.

For 30 years, Tomy® Inc has been recognized as the most demanding NiTi manufacturer in regards to the biological response of its alloys.

From the superelasticity of INITIALLOY archwires to the shape memory of BioEdge and BioActive®,  we offer archwires exerting light and continuous forces, well adapted to every phase of treatment.

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BIO-ACTIVE light Archwires


Bio-mechanical Properties Equivalent to INITIALLOY in a Small Diameter Archwire

BIO-ACTIVE™ Light lets you begin treatment with large diameter (.020” x .020” and, coming soon, .018” x .018”) archwires and activate third-order bends.

The biomechanical properties (force, superelasticity and shape memory) are equivalent to small diameter archwires such as INITIALLOY .014’’ (50 gf) on inscisors, INITIALLOY .018’’ (150 gf) on lateral section and INITIALLOY.020 ‘’ (250 gf) on molars.

Some archwires are available with a central V-Bend (or «dimple»). In that case, a letter D appears in the P/N. (please refer to the GC Orthodontics Products Catalog)

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This class IIa medical device is a regulated medical device that owns the EC marking in this regard. Only for healthcare professionals. Respect the instruction for use and information the label before using