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GC EXPERIENCE mini ceramic

GC Orthodontics has been a distributor of self-ligating brackets from Japan-based TOMY Inc. since 2012. The latest addition to the product line is EXPERIENCE™ C mini, offering all the advantages of its predecessor, EXPERIENCE™ C, but in a remarkably smaller size providing an incomparable aesthetic solution to patients. EXPERIENCE™ C mini is manufactured by injection (Ceramic Injection Molded) from innovative ceramic materials (microparticles). This new technology enables the development of smaller brackets, with a high resistance to impact and enhanced patient comfort. EXPERIENCE™ C mini features a CNC milled slot for perfect torque expression and improved archwire engagement, along with a Rhodium-treated inter-active clip for enhanced aesthetics.  The chamfered slot facilitates archwire insertion, helping to eliminate archwire binding and notching.  In addition,  EXPERIENCE™ C mini’s anatomical mechanical base follows the contours of the tooth to ensure a secure bond.

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EXPERIENCE mini ceramic Advantages

This ceramic self-ligating twin bracket delivers outstanding aesthetics and performance. The bracket features a rhodium coated clip that blends into the ceramic body of the bracket creating a beautiful appearance. The base is a 100% mechanical lock ensuring  both reliable bond strength and easy debonding.


Ceramic injection molding bracket
For uniformity, strength & precision



CNC Milled slot
Torque in Base
Triple chamfered slot

For easy wire engagement and to eliminate arch wire binding & notching



Compound contoured
Pad ensures an anatomically correct  fit for each tooth

Mechanical lock
For maximum bond strength & the ability to reposition, if necessary. ID marking




Color code

The distal-gingival color code allows an identification of the bracket to prevent bonding errors.

For some prescriptions, these color codes may be different on the bicuspids.

MBT Type


EXPERIENCE mini ceramic Prescriptions

EXPERIENCE mini ceramic is available in MBT* prescriptions in .018’’ et .022’’

How to open EXPERIENCE mini ceramic ?

Two possibilities to open the clip

Front opening

Gingival edge opening


*MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek
This class IIa medical device is a regulated medical device that owns the EC marking in this regard.
Only for healthcare professionals. Respect the instruction for use and information the label before using.