IPR with Dentasonic

Safe, accurate, predictable, enamel correction

Profi Kit

The Dentasonic Difference:

Advancing treatment innovations for more predictable outcomes


1. Quick, safe through the contact point

Our thin saw is designed in order to avoid any cuts on soft tissue, really effective to quickly and safely open the interproximal area and to control the contact point.

2. Gentle correction or reduction of the Enamel

Precise and safe tools with less agressive diamond grit, to reduce vibration feelings during treatment, and quite less treatment time, so more comfortable and totally safe for the patient.

3. Predefined thickness classes 0.1 to 0.5mm

Defined according to different thickness classes. Simply and safely remove exactly the necessary amount of enamel, avoiding any over reduction.

4. Perfect final polishing

Final polishing with PoliStrip that guarantee you a perfect polished treated zone, even smoother than natural enamel. No issues about caries.



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IPR DS Sequence

Designed for sequential use.

Do you mean quick and safe for the enamel?

Discover the new sequential solution!

The DiaStrip file system offers a tailored solution for fast and reliable preparation of everyday cases. Evidence shows that the application of checklists and adherence to standard protocols increase reproducibility of results and safety.

With this in mind, Dentasonic offers new DiaStrip files porged to be used in sequence, with a single simple protocol, allowing for a shorter learning curve and achieving simplified treatment.

The new IPR Dentasonic sequence includes an opener to safely open the contact point without being able to injure soft parts, followed by 3 gliders to then achieve the opening defined by the required set up, and then finishing with a PoliStrip for the perfect final polish.

The IPR Dentasonic sequence, developed in collaboration with the UNICAMILLUS University of Rome, offers a smooth feel when switching from one instrument to another due to the optimized matching of grit size and thickness of the different files.

Overall, it will be possible to achieve the working result with small feeds, applying intermittent and much smoother sequential movements to ensure a better surface of the treated enamel.

This means fewer insertions and more safety.

enamel thickness and preserve enough after treatment.

Follow your treatment plan and avoid any over reduction.


  • Predictable results

    applying the IPR DS protocol
  • Rapid preparation of daily cases

    Through optimized matching of calibrated files throughout the sequence
  • Increased patient safety

    Due to the high care given to surface processing and adhering to the IPR DS protocol
  • Very long service life

    Due to high care given to surface processing and adhering to IPR DS protocol


Recommended operation

5000rpm = 10’000 oscillations back and forth! Pressure, force exerted on teeth (Torque) max 2.5Ncm

1. Opener

Open the contact point to provide an easy access to the interproximal surfaces. The opener has a thickness of only 0.1mm with a serrated

edge. A minimally abrasive grift of 15 μm facilitates the opening procedure.

2. IPR

Start to reduce the enamel with an intermediate abrasive (25 μm) strip of 0.2mm thickness. Use the intermediate strips until they completely

became passive in the interproximal space.

3. Active IPR

Reduce the interproximal enamel by means of the DiaStrips (40 and 60 μm) with calibrated thickness of 0.3mm to 0.5mm, ev. also resin

0.5 mm. Choose the adequate thickness according to the space required. Don’t miss a step! Remember to gradually proceed, until you have obtained the space you want.

4. Finishing and polishing

Finish the IPR procedures by polishing the treated interproximal surfaces with a resin PoliStrip (15 μm). Finishing and polishing procedures are required at the end of the protocol in order to guarantee more regular and homogeneous enamel surfaces avoiding the risks of morphological irregularities and caries.

DiaStrip Dentasonic


This class IIa medical device is a regulated medical device that owns the EC marking in this regard.

Only for healthcare professionals.

Respect the instruction for use and information the label before using.