Standard brackets

GC Standard brackets Chic

Chic. is an injection molded standard ceramic bracket providing uniformity, strength, and a true mechanical base.

Its translucency compliments the patient’s tooth shade and makes for a highly aesthetic solution.

HI Aesthetic
Logo Tomy

Distal-gingival color ID

Long axis scribe line for easier bracket orientation

Torque in base

Large undercuts for easy ligation

Molded mechanical base for greater bracket retention and more predictable bracket removal


Color code

The distal-gingival color code allows an identification of the bracket to prevent bonding errors.

Available prescription Chic.

  • Prescription Roth en .018’’ and .022’’
  • Prescription MBT* en .018’’ and .022’’


*MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek

This class IIa medical device is a regulated medical device that owns the EC marking in this regard.

Only for healthcare professionals. Respect the instruction for use and information the label before using.


Instructions For Use