GC Aligner Connect

Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive for Aligner Attachments

GC Aligner Connect

A first in the industry, GC Aligner Connect was specifically developed for orthodontic aligner attachments. GC Aligner Connect features enhanced aesthetics that imitate enamel color shades and high durabilty, which limits longterm wear or potential detachment during treatment.  Adhesion is achieved with a ligh-cure bonding agent such as G-premio Bond, Ortho Solo or Assure. 


With Aligner Connect,  the high aesthetic advantage of an orthodontic aligner  treatment is preserved thanks to its ability to imitate the appearance of tooth enamel. When evaluated by a goniophotometer (instrument that measures light at various angles), Aligner Connect’s results showed excellent color matching due its optical properties similar to enamel. 


  • Superior handling due to flowability and paste consistency
  • Optimal curability even through attachment tray


Vibrating the paste with the dispensing tip causes a slight fluidity for a more precise application.  

Mechanical properties

Depth of cure through attachment tray sheet

Aligner Connect showed sufficient curing depth even through the attachment tray and also a higher strength than conventional resin. Ten seconds with a LED light >1200mW/cm2 were necessary for in mouth curing.

Toothbrushing wear test  

Aligner Connect maintained high gloss and long-term aesthetics after 12,000 brushings (equivalent to 1 year of  brushing). 

Bonding protocol with G-Premio Bond

1. Clean tooth surfaces to be bonded with pumice and water. Rinse thoroughly with water. Dry by gently blowing with oil-free air.


2.  Apply G-Premio BOND to surface to be bonded and wait 10 seconds.


3.  Dry for 5 seconds under maximum air pressure.

4. Light cure using a visible light curing unit.

5. Place dispensing tip as close as possible to the transfer tray, and slowly push the plunger to extrude proper volume of material.

6. Set transfer tray on teeth. 

7. Light cure GC Aligner Connect on each attachment area with an LED light curing device

8. Remove transfer tray from teeth. If necessary, finish and polish using standard techniques.


Safety Data Sheets


This class IIa medical device is a regulated medical device that owns the EC marking in this regard.

Only for healthcare professionals. Respect the instruction for use and information the label before using.