Rhodium range Archwires

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When Metal Meets Aesthetics

Largely used in the jewelry industry, Rhodium has the unique characteristic of reducing reflection (shine).

Its silver matte finish provides a transparent appearance that enhances aesthetics.

RH Rhodium
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Our Rhodium-treated line of archwires ensures a complete aesthetic effect.
Regardless of the treatment stage, we have an archwire that meets your patient’s needs.

Archwires for the beginning of treatment such as INITIALLOY™ Rhodium shape memory archwires or BIO-ACTIVE™ Light progressive force archwires, in addition to BIO-ACTIVE™ or stainless steel archwires.

Our wide range of archwires allows you to offer patients a global treatment without compromising on biomechanics.


These class IIa medical devices are regulated medical devices that owns the EC marking in this regard. Only for healthcare professionals. Respect the instruction for use and information the label before using