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GC Aadva IOS 100P

GC Aadva IOS 100P

Portable Intra – Oral Scanning System
GC Aadva IOS 100P

Product Information

The Aadva IOS 100 P from GC has one of the lightest (120g) and smallest (20cm) handpieces amongst the currently available intraoral scanners. This facilitates easy and ergonomic handling during intraoral scanning, especially in children. It offers a modular solution with the unique Prosthodontic, Orthodontic and Extraoral workflows.

The scan software facilitates a smooth intraoral scanning with features such as position colour tracking, easy pick-up and showing a small live-scanning window in the monitor while scanning. A start-stop button placed on the handpiece offers a better control over the scanning procedure.

Discover GC’s server-based customer application software called GC Aadva Xchange.

Why choose Aadva™ IOS 100P?

  • Manage and store all your clinical cases
  • Connect and digitally send cases to your preferred dental lab(s)
  • Easily check the status of each case
  • Connect with our GC Scanner Support Team for support