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Crown Removal Instrument

Product Information

GC PLIERSare specifically designed for easy removal of temporary crowns, cast crowns or cast metal cores. They can be used alone or with enhancement items. GC PLIERS have a specially rasped finish with small sharp pins for a positive grip use (with rubber tips and/or emery powder). Difficult removals makes them a must in every dental office.

Why choose GC PLIERS?

  • Better grip for temporary crowns

  • Solid gripping on cast crowns

  • Gentle on ceramic and resin veneered surfaces/crowns

  • Minimizes the risk of a margin fracture or pinching of the tissue

  • Stainless steel construction allows for easy sterilization and disinfection

  • Special rasped finish with small sharp pins for a positive grip on temporary crowns

SKU Information

Item Number Description
800111 GC PLIERS