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GC Gold Label HYBRID

GC Gold Label HYBRID

Next Generation of Hand-Mixed, Self-Adhesive Posterior Restorative
GC Gold Label HYBRID

Product Information

Experience the next generation of hand-mixed, self-adhesive posterior restorative featuring GC Advanced Glass Hybrid technology.

Advanced Glass hybrid technology is the combination of two types of Fluoro-Almino-Silicate(FAS) glass and also two types of polyacrylic acid.

  • Thanks to smart particle size distribution, GC Gold Label HYBRID gets higher mechanical strength.
  • Finer size of FAS Glass particle decreases collision against visible light waves. The more light is passing through the restorative, it causes the restorative more translucent.
  • GC Gold Label HYBRID consists of the glass which reacts with polyacrylic acid, helping the restorative matrix release high amount of fluoride.
  • GC Gold Label HYBRID consists of more acid resistance FAS glass and a higher molecular weight polyacrylic acid. These two components strengthen the restorative matrix and gives higher acid resistance.

Why choose GC Gold Label HYBRID?

  • High mechanical strength and durability
  • High aesthetics
  • More translucency and suitable to color of around tooth tissue
  • High acid resistance ability
  • High moisture tolerance
  • Efficient fluoride releasing

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0139F369-0010 Shade A2 1-1 PKG - Contains: one (15g) powder and one (8g / 6.4 mL) bottle of liquid
0139F370-0010 Shade A3 1-1 PKG - Contains: one (15g) powder and one (8g / 6.4 mL) bottle of liquid