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Temporary Luting Cement

A eugenol-free luting cement for temporary cementation of indirect restorations.


Product Information

FREEGENOL is a patented, non-eugenol temporary luting cement. It is completely compatible and safe to use with acrylic resin materials, as well as plastic provisional materials. Biocompatible with tooth structure and soft tissue, GC FREEGENOL is easy to use and mixes to a smooth, creamy consistency.

Why choose FREEGENOL ?

  • Eugenol-free, no negative effect on polymerisation of resin containing materials
  • Adjustable consistency and setting time
  • Easy to remove from crowns and cores
  • Special cleaner included 
  • Temporary, non-eugenol cement
  • Smooth, creamy consistency in 20-30 seconds

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0101B267-0000 FREEGENOL TEMPORARY PKG - Contains: one (20 mL) 55g Base and one (20 mL) 20g Accelerator.