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everX Posterior

everX Posterior

Fibre-Reinforced Composite for Dentin Replacement

Reinforcing material for direct composite restorations, especially in large posterior cavities.

everX Posterior

Product Information

everX Posterior is a fibre-reinforced composite designed to be used as dentin replacement, in conjunction with a conventional composite such as G-ænial Posterior used as enamel replacement. The short fibres of everX Posterior will make it a perfect sub-structure to reinforce any composite restoration in large size cavities. Fibres will also prevent and stop crack propagation through the filling, which is considered to be the main cause of composite failures.

Why choose everX Posterior?

  • Short fibres prevent and stop the progression of fractures in the restoration
  • Fracture toughness equivalent to dentin and almost double to any composite will bring unsurpassed strength to the restoration
  • Minimal horizontal shrinkage as fibres contribute to shrinkage reduction in the direction of their orientation
  • 4 to 5 mm increments can be cured simultaneously
  • Reliable bond to overlaying composite as well as to the tooth structure

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