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G-Premio BOND™

G-Premio BOND™

Single-Component Light-Cured Universal Adhesive

GC G-Premio BOND is a universal, 8th generation bonding agent that is compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective etch techniques providing excellent versatility. 

G-Premio BOND™

Product Information

G-Premio BOND™ is perfectly adapted to all direct restorations and can also be used to repair indirect restorations without the use of primer. G-Premio BOND can also be used in combination with a silane when repairing glass or hybrid ceramic and is also ideal for hypersensitivity. It is available in a bottle (5 mL) with a new silicone cover to enable more precise drop dispensing and a 50 unit dose pack (0.1 mL each). When used with our G-ænial range of composites, a clinician will have the consistent and predictable materials that allow the individual to create highly esthetic and wear-resistant direct restorations.

Why choose G-Premio BOND™?

  • Low pH (1.5) provides effective and consistent bonding

  • Use in all total-etch, self-etch and selective etch bonding techniques

  • Low film thickness (3 microns) enables use with resin cements to bond indirect restorations

  • Universal (8th generation) bonding agent for use in direct and indirect procedures and treatment of hypersensitivity

  • HEMA free for a durable bond

  • Fast and easy application with premium value of up to 300 applications per bottle

  • Better dispensing control and less waste with new silicone bottle design.

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0138F282-0000 G-PREMIO BOND 5ML BOTTLE REFILL - Contains: one bottle refill (5 mL).