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GC Gold Label IX

GC Gold Label IX

High Strength Posterior Restorative

Product Information

GC Gold Label 9 is a type IX glass ionomer cement used as a high strength restorative for posterior teeth. It is a strontium based glass ionomer cement containing strontium glass. 

Why choose GC Gold Label IX?

  • Allows minimal cavity preparation
  • Less stress on margins and marginal seal
  • Protects against secondary caries
  • Promotes internal remineralization and surface strengthening
  • Final finish may be completed under water in 6 minutes from start of mix
  • Strong enough for use in posterior teeth
  • Easier mixing and sharper setting makes it so easy to use

  • Good colour match to tooth shade

  • Easy post-operative diagnosis

  • More durable, longer lasting restorations

  • Assurance of successful restorations