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Type IV Synthetic Die & Model Stone

One of the world's most popular Type IV Dental Die Stone with superior quality.


Product Information

Superior quality is what makes the GC family of hard-die stones among the most popular in Europe. Used in the production of all kinds of dental prosthetics, GC stones are specifically designed to produce consistently accurate models and dies, fully meeting the requirements of the modern dental laboratory.
True to the systematic approach of GC - “One proven stone family for all requirements and applications” - we present two stones that can be combined perfectly to create the foundation of your aesthetics:

  • Fujirock EP Classic, a truly all-round stone
  • Fujirock EP Premium, an improved stone for high-performance techniques

Each stone comes in a range of colours that allow you to create shade combinations that bring out the best in your work... and your laboratory.

Why choose GC FUJIROCK® EP?

  • Extremely hard stone - greater wear resistance

  • High transverse and compressive strengths - reduces breakage and chipping

  • Ideal thixotropicity - smoother pouring formula facilitates detail reproduction without dimensional change

  • Low "powder-water" ratio - uses less water for outstanding strength and excellent physical properties

  • Formulated for high accuracy and precise fit - fewer remakes, higher quality and reliable

  • Precise detail reproduction, perfect fit with the prosthesis

  • Superior time management

SKU Information

Item Number Description
  GC FUJIROCK EP Golden Brown, 5 kg
  GC FUJIROCK EP Pastel Yellow, 5 kg
  GC FUJIROCK EP Pearl White, 5 kg
  GC FUJIROCK EP Topaz Beige, 5 kg